Burnley Instructors attend Manchester University SAC Xmas Curry Night

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Instructors from Burnley Sub Aqua Club were invited to attend the Xmas curry event for Manchester University Sub Aqua Club (MUSAC). This was held at Shere Khan curry house in Rusholme, Manchester on Tue 4th Dec 2018.

As would be expected, after meal we all headed to the pub to ‘discuss diving’ … or maybe just to have a few drinks and play ‘Chinese whispers’! A great evening all round, with the only downside being the awkward journey home …. with a significant chunk of the motorways closed for maintenance and a detour via Preston! 

Over the last few years, Burnley SAC has been forging closer links with MUSAC and this relationship has significantly benefited both clubs.

This all started off by two of our instructors answering calls to MUSAC from the NW BSAC Regional team.  The relationship has flourished over time and we’ve delivered Ocean  & Sports Diver theory training, pool training sessions and then multiple open water training sessions.  Additionally, we’ve managed to attend cross-club diving trips and arranged a joint diving trip to the Farne Islands. (All diving on the Farne Island trip was blown out, so we all ended up on beach walk, visiting local attractions and socialising in the pub!)

The relationship continues thrive and to benefit both clubs as spaces on diving trips for each club are opened up across both clubs. We’ve also taken advantage of MUSAC’s Advanced Instructor(s) and got a few Advanced Diver experience dives  signed off whilst diving with them.  MUSAC have a very active and experienced underwater photographer who has close links to the Northern Underwater Photography Group (NUPG) and these guys are a mine of information!

Make no mistake, to reap the benefits, a lot of effort has to be put in.  But if you want your club to expand its horizons, to make new friendships and to enhance experiences all round then get in touch with your local BSAC University club or talk to your regional coaches.

ps. Manchester University have just launched a new Facebook page to promote their activities https://www.facebook.com/MUSACDiving/, so check it out in 2019!

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