Diving in Capernwray – 2018-08-09

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20180809_083049So, here we are all ready to set off and it seems like a good idea to take a selfie of the posse! Well, OK, we’re sending the pic to some Burnley BSAC club members that are not attending today … we just know they’ll be wishing that they had come with us … (you know, the usual friendly banter between divers). 

So, we set off from Nelson over the back roads and we arrive early at Capernwray.  It’s also mid-week and *relatively* quiet, so we have a choice of where to park.  So, we park in the shade, near to the gated entrance to the quarry and pretty much take up an entire concrete kit block … well, there are four of us … and we’ve got a lot of kit!  


Now, we’ve arrived a little early and the access gates to the quarry were still closed ! No matter, some of our divers have cylinders to fill at the dive shop – by the time they got their air fills & got changed, the gates are unlocked and open.

Two great dives in Capernwray on Thur 9th August 2018 – with Simon, Wendy, Naz & Chris. Each dive was over an hour long. Simon used a re-breather, whilst the others were in side mount gear.  The purpose of the day was just to have some fun, with most of us practising diving skills along the way, e.g. DSMB launching and photography skills!

As you can see, Naz was out practising with his new Sony RX-100 IV camera set-up! (Using ambient light, as he didn’t have the equipment necessary to connect his new Inon S-2000 strobe up). Next time! But, in any case, he’s got to get some practice in before taking that new photography kit to the Farne Islands. There would be nothing worse than trashing a whole host of pictures of playful seals, would there?

Chris decided to try a little less weight that usual & fettled the bungees on his Diamond wing in between dives. This is why we like to take pictures (or videos) of each other … so we can provide constructive feedback. Well, yes, we do love fettling with our equipment too!


Now, Chris took so long to launch his DSMB that Wendy & Naz got a bit bored of hanging around and sneaked over wall to the 6m platform to do their safety stop.  Whilst there, they were rewarded with plenty of fish … including two playful sturgeon! (Earlier, whilst diving, we’d also spotted an Albino sturgeon). 

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