Drysuit and kit fitting at Canary Divers

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Ocean Diver trainee Sam Whitehouse trying on a dry-suit and generally getting sized up with diving kit ahead of his open water lessons.

In winter, the water temperature in the managed quarries that we use for training can drop to as low as 4 degrees Celsius.  Hence, Burnley Sub Aqua normally trains it’s Ocean Diver trainees in dry-suits, rather than wet suits. If a diver was to train in a wet suit, the training would usually be limited to the summer months where the water temperature would be higher. Of course, training in a wet suit would mean that a newly qualified diver would not be allowed to use a dry-suit unless they undertook further training in a dry-suit.  In the UK, our waters mean dry-suit diving is the standard.

More often than not, trainees don’t have any of the diving kit that is needed for their open water lessons.  We provide the kit for pool training – but when it comes to open water lessons, trainees need a full set of diving kit. Buying all this kit at once would be an expensive outlay and we don’t expect everyone to fork out lots of money at once. So we’ve partnered up with Canary Divers – our local dive shop – where trainees can hire all the necessary kit. 

We have a close working relationship with Canary Divers and all of our Ocean Diver trainees are usually also Gold Members of Canary Divers.  We share pool facilities, use their open water kit hire and gas filling services etc. 

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