Outboard Engine & Boat Maintenance SDC

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A few pictures from the BSAC Outboard and Boat Maintenance SDC on Sat 18th Feb 2017. It was was organised by the BSAC North West Region and attended by a number of local clubs, including Manchester University Sub Aqua Club (MUSAC). The RIB used for the demonstration service was MUSAC’s “Space Hopper”.

The first picture is courtesy of Joanne Harvey (some of the course attendees had already left at this point!) . It was really nice to see Joanne again … we had a good catch up.

A great practical introduction to Boat Maintenance and we picked up some really good ideas. (e.g. the water flushing system for the trailer, aligning the drive shafts,maximising engine performance and life).

Again, many thanks to the BSAC NW Regional Team for organising this course.

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