Pendle Witch – Maintenance Session 1 (2019)

Replacement VHF Radio - MTECH MT-500.
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On Sat 23rd February, Andy & Naz spent about 3 hours at the boat conducting some initial maintenance for 2019.

  • RIB – VHF Radio replaced.
  • Trailer – flat tyre inflated and all wheels checked to ensure that they turn freely.  

The VHF radio unit (an MTECH MT-500) on the club’s RHIB (Pendle Witch) had been playing up for the last couple of outings. It had started switching itself off, randomly scanning channels and sometimes blowing fuses when transmitting.  Additionally, some of the switches and knobs were seizing up and becoming more difficult to operate.  It could not be relied upon and was in need of an immediate replacement.

A suitable like-for-like unit was sourced from eBay.  Although second hand, this unit looked immaculate and also didn’t have an MMSI number input.  Bonus!

It was a bit of a struggle removing the old unit and replacing it with the new unit.  As with any sort of maintenance within the console, working space was limited and very cramped.

Old VHF radio rig used to test the new radio installation.

During our testing process we managed to blow the inline fuse.  It wasn’t really surprising that it blew, as the manufacturer recommends a 6.3A inline fuse! Once replaced accordingly, all was good.

VHF Radio – what’s left to do?

We still need to input our MMSI number into the radio and setup the radio to ensure that the GPS co-ordinates are being displayed (i.e. test the data link to from our GPS unit) and get a radio check from the Coastguard once at sea.

Trailer Maintenance – Next Steps

On Sat 2nd March, the trailer is scheduled to be taken to Colne Tyre Centre so that all the tyres on the trailer can be replaced. 

We’re also hoping to do our annual trailer wheel bearing/brake maintenance immediately prior to the trailer being taken for its tyres replacing. (Sat 2nd, 12-3pm)

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