Dive Trip: Eyemouth – 14th July 2018

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Members of Burnley Sub Aqua tag along with a weekend dive trip to Eyemouth that was organised by JBOD.  Simon, James, Naz & Nads attended.  

Day 1 dives: Black Carrs and then Tye’s Tunnel.  Day 2 dives: Black Carrs and Cathedral Rock.

Tye’s Tunnel

Access to the tunnel is via a narrow gully which is just big enough to back a small boat into. Dropping into the water, James, Nads and Naz hunted for the cave entrance.  They descended a bit too far down the rock face and were probing a small crack in the rock.  It didn’t take too long to realise that wasn’t the actual entrance and that it would be impossible to squeeze through that opening – even when sporting side-mount gear!  

After the correct entrance to the tunnel was located, they proceeded to explore inside the cavern entrance. This cave dive did not require lines, as most of the time the entrance was in view and the bottom of the tunnel is not particularly silty.  There was a little bit of swell through the cave, which meant that the initial vertical descent into the cave was quite interesting.


The tunnel penetrates about 20 metres back into the rock before opening up into a cavern with an exit hole situated higher up the wall that opens out to the other side of the narrow headline that juts out from the cliff.

DSC01397Outside the tunnel the seabed consists of a series of large rocks and boulders. Careful searching in the recesses of this rocky seascape revealed lobsters as well as an assortment of crabs. A little bit further on, a kelp field with lots and lots of nudibranch’s! 





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