Pleasure Dive at Capernwray

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Naz & Clayton had two excellent dives on Sat 17th Nov 2018 and Clayton used the opportunity to get used to his new Otter dry-suit.  James, Nads & Martin were also at Capernwray at the same time, but they were practising skills on their AP Inspiration CCR (re-breather) units.

First dive with Clayton was a respectable 50 minutes (especially when considering Clayton wasn’t wearing a hood!), but limited to about 7m whilst he got used to his new dry-suit.  The fish and sturgeon were in a playful mood and were hanging around the 6m platform area.

Stopped off at Lord Lucan and The Devil Statue for a photo, a spot of buoyancy practice at Shergar & the Apeks van.  Spotted a couple of torpedoes and visited the Dreamer and Cleopatra.

For the second dive, Clayton saw sense and hired a hood! Straight to the Cleopatra wreck via Lord Lucan & The Devil statue, then across the grassy garden directly to the Diving Bell to inspect the poppy that James (and other divers) placed there on the 11th Nov 2018 – and a photo or two, obviously.  After that, we passed the ‘Road Closed’ sign and descended over the wall and made our way to the Podsnap.  The photo’s here didn’t really come out (area was too dark), but after a mooch around, we headed to the Cave (container) and passed through the helicopter fuselage, passed the oil rig and ended up at the plane. Through the fuselage of the plane after waiting around a few minutes for other divers to clear the area.  Vertical ascent up the wall. We got to about 10m or so when we were intercepted by James & Nads, who were just starting out on their second CCR dive!  Nipped over the wall onto the 6m platform to do our safety stop and, of course, to spend time with the fish!

Overall, a great day.

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