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Membership – Joining Burnley SAC

Burnley Sub Aqua Club is a branch of The British Sub Aqua Club, we are a (not for profit) diving club.  We can train you to dive (our qualifications are internationally recognised) or if you are already qualified you can join and come on our trips and use our facilities and develop your diving further if you wish. Members get access to our boats, training, club trips, social activities and much much more.

If you are interested in joining our branch you will find all the information you need below.




Membership is £140 which includes your membership to BSAC (providing third party insurance and a monthly magazine) and membership of our branch

If you wish to learn to dive then there is an additional charge of £100 to cover the costs of your Ocean Diver training pack, pool equipment.

Payment can be made monthly via direct debit which will spread these costs over 12 months and means you can pay as little as £?? per month for your full branch membership.

One of the key things you will need to do is complete a Self Assessment Medical Form.  If you answered a “Yes” to any of the medical questions you will need to get a “fit to dive” check done by a diving doctor.  We can advise on that if needed and provide contact details for suitable doctors to approach.  If you are able to answer “No” to all the questions then you can sign the form and you are self-certified and good to go.

You will be issued with a training pack, this contains all the study materials and your qualification record book in which you can track your training.

The pack also contains the pre-paid application for your certification card which is completed by us once you finish your training.  There is then nothing further to pay when you send off for your qualification card.

**  Please note: Members who pay by Direct Debit receive a £10.00 discount on their first annual payment of the BSAC Fees.

  Annual BSAC subscription Burnley SAC Membership Total
Club Diver, Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Assistant Diving Instructor, Theory Instructor & Practical Instructor £59.00 £81.00 £140.00
Club Instructor, Open Water Instructor, Advanced Diver £54.00 £81.00 £
Advanced Instructor, First Class Diver £48.75 £81.00 £
National Instructor £39.00 £81.00 £
Joint Member* (second member of a household aged 18 years or over who joins as a full diving or full snorkelling member * previously known as ‘Abated’ £??.?? £81.00 £??.??
Junior Diving Member (for divers aged between 12 and 17 years) £??.00 £??.00 £???.00
Student Member (for those in full-time education and over 18) £??.00 £??.00 £???.00
Full Snorkelling Member (available to any individual aged 18 years or over) £19.00 £36.00 £55.00?
Snorkelling Member (available to any individual aged six years or over) £19.00 £14.00 £33.00?

The BSAC Membership rates increased as of 1st March 2018 – by an average of £1.50.
Burnley BSAC fees have remained at the same level for over 10 years!

Burnley BSAC recently won the BSAC Photography Competition in 2016 (topside category).

We can introduce you to the amazing underwater world and you’re only a few lessons away from enjoying scuba diving anywhere in the world.

We can support your training all the way up to First Class Diver, BSAC’s highest qualification level.

Further Training

With Burnley  Sub Aqua club you can progress from Ocean Diver to Sports Diver, Dive leader and Advanced Diver, we can even support you up to the heady heights of First Class Diver if you wish. The club can provide much of the training and support that you need to progress as far as you want.

Click on the poster on the left for full details of BSAC’s Diver Training Programme and the route to becoming an instructor.

If you wish we can also train you for deeper technical diving, we can take you from Ocean Diver right through to 80 meter Hypoxic Trimix Diving.



Interested in Scuba Diving?

Pendle Witch on the Menai Boat Run
Pendle Witch on the Menai Run 2018.

Want to know more? Please drop an email to us at

You can also find a lot more information about the club on the other pages of our website, so have a look around and if you are interested please either drop us an email or give us a call for a chat.