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Congratulations to newly qualified divers, Mark & Michael, on extending their max. Ocean Diver qualification depth to 20 metres.   Naz & Nads (BSAC Open Water Instructors) delivered the training. 

At the same time, we had the pleasure of re-introducing a 14 year old PADI junior master scuba diver (Rona Bhattacharya) back into drysuit diving after a brief break from diving (due to school commitments). 

Two great dives with Rona, in some seriously dismal visibility.  The second dive, we managed to navigate the plane, container, African Queen, The Answer, Cessna etc.  The container has been tweaked a bit … no oil rig or helicopter on there and the top has been secured up with another metal plate. Looks very shiny!


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Naz is Chairman & Secretary of Burnley Sub Aqua Club. He is a Dive Leader and an Open Water Instructor.