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Let’s assume you liked the taster experience of scuba diving whilst in the pool at one of our try dive sessions and you have decided that diving is for you and you would like to learn how to scuba dive. The next step is to join Burnley Sub Aqua Club and sign up for the Ocean Diver Course.  The Ocean Diver Course is the initial course in the wider BSAC Diver Training Programme.

Training starts in the safe environment of the pool at QEGS (in Blackburn) every Thursday at 8.00 pm.

Ocean Diver Training in the pool

We will provide all your pool training kit while you are getting started and we will go at a pace that suits you.  All our training kit is available free for the duration of your initial Ocean Diver training.

For a new trainee diver, initial costs are around £240 which includes your membership to BSAC, training pack, initial club joining fee and also a contribution towards the costs of your training. This reduces to the standard club fees of around £140 for subsequent years. Payment can be made monthly via direct debit which will spread these costs over 12 months and means you can pay as little as £11.67 per month for your full ongoing branch membership. The only additional cost is your entry to the pool if you choose to use it. There is a full breakdown of costs on our Membership Page.

Egypt – Red Sea

BSAC qualifications are recognised and accepted around the world due to the high standard of training. The initial qualification of Ocean Diver consists of pool exercises, theory lectures and open water training. When you’re ready and confident we’ll then take you to one of the more sheltered dive locations and you can continue your training during one of the many trips the club runs. Once qualified, you will be able to use your qualification to dive around the world down to a maximum of 20 meters.


Further Training

Egypt – Photo: Jason Lester

With Burnley Sub Aqua club you can progress through the BSAC Diver Training Programme – from Ocean Diver to Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver. We can even support you up to the heights of First Class Diver, if you wish. The club can provide much of the training and support that you need to progress as far as you want.

Interested? Want to know more? Please drop us an email to

If you are interested in specialist skills, we also offer a multitude of (optional) courses. Have a look at our Skills Development Courses.   For example, if you fancy underwater photography or learning how to operate our RIB/boat then we can offer you additional training.

Nudibranch (Egypt) – Jason Lester