Capernwray – Side-mount play day (16-Oct-2019)

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Katie and Naz headed up to Capernwray for a rare fun dive.   Katie requested a side-mount play day, so that’s what we did.  Two excellent, very chilled out 1-hour plus dives max depth 18.5m.

Right hand side entry, Katie headed under the 3m platform to practice her buoyancy – excellent. Then turned abound with her hands on her hips, tapping her fins! What’s up? Waiting for Naz? Well, he’s busy photographing the fish. 

Just before Lord Lucan & The Devil statue, we nipped over the wall and descended to about 12-13m.  There we met the terminator and the bus stop sign.  So we had a quick stop off for Katie to kick up all the silt, er, I mean have a photo with the features …?

Onto the plane, through the fuselage and out the exit door near the nose.  Onward to the container, and we were rewarded with seeing the new plane on top!  We’re in side-mount gear, so obviously we’re inside and squeezing through windows and gaps, taking photo’s and generally lounging around upside down.

After playing their for ages, we visited the Podsnap, African Queen, The Answer and Cessna.  At that point, Katie deployed a DSMB for fun and we headed off to the cake for food.

Second dive, Katie was leading. Left hand side entry and following the wall round to a small set of gnomes where we found the Holy Grail. (See, we’ve already got one). Katie followed the wall all way round the quarry until we got to the Gnome Garden.  After a bit of a play there, she headed off home.  Only, somehow we got back to the Gnome Garden after 20 mins.  At this point Katie gave Naz the shoulder shrug and ‘how did that happen’ look! Never mind, shall we get out now or are we doing another tour? Ha ha. All good fun.

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