Diving at Capernwray – 2018-08-15

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Katie, Naz & Nads headed off to Capernwray on Wed 15th August 2018.  The intention was to deliver a couple of the Dive Leader open water lessons to Katie, whilst testing our kit out ahead of our annual week-long dive trip to Lochaline in Sep 2018.

The day started really well, with Naz visiting Chris to pick up some cylinders & the (new) insurance documents for the RIB ahead of the club’s trip to the Farne Islands this weekend.  Naz then headed off to Nads’s house, to await Katie.  

Katie arrived and we loaded up her car. Yes, that’s right, Katie was driving! What a lovely change … means us instructors can just sit back and enjoy the journey.  (Although you have to watch out that Katie doesn’t miss junctions for the M6 North. Ahem!)

Kitting up.We arrive and quickly get kitted up.  Perfect, all going well. We ask Katie to act as dive leader, deliver a SEEDS brief etc., but the main focus of the dive was a mid-water DSMB launch at 15m.

Selfie photo’s done, buddy checks done and off we go.  Katie checks our air again and points out a small sturgeon at the 2m platform. Thanks for that, I was looking the other way and could have easily missed it. Heading out to the 6m platform, she points out another sturgeon (would have missed that one too)!  We pass Lord Lucan and The Devil statue and the head off.  Five minutes later, Katie points out to us the bubbles coming out of her dry-suit boot!  A closer inspection reveals a 8″ rip in her boot! Dry-suit completely flooded.  Naz signalled if Katie wanted to end the dive, but she flatly refused! So we continued, but with a close eye on Katie.

Now, we were thinking Katie is bee-lining for the Gnome Garden as she said she had never seen it. But she *nearly* lead us past the Helo2 without a stop off to nosey around. Nah, we’re not having that … I pointed it out and we had a good look around.  After that, surprisingly, Katie took us into the corner of the quarry rather than to the Gnome Garden! Perhaps she’s lost …? No matter, we proceed to near the bottom of the ‘Road Closed’ sign and at around 15m, Nads & Katie launched their DSMBs mid water.  We ascend slowly to the ‘Road Closed’ and onto the training platform area.

We head back, doing our stop at 5m and then end the dive.  Katie brings several gallons of water back in her left leg! Funny! In the car park we see just how much water was in her drysuit! Checkout the video … !!! We abandon the rest of the diving for the day and go for some food!


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