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Try Dive in the pool

Usually, the first step towards learning to scuba dive is to join us for a Try Dive.

A try dive is a chance to sample Scuba Diving in the pool for 30-60 minutes. We will provide a qualified diver who can show you how the equipment works and let you have a swim around underwater to see whether you like it.  We’ll loan you all the pool kit that you will need, so don’t worry about that. 

A try dive costs £15 and is a great way of introducing you to the thrills of diving whilst in the safe environment of a local swimming pool.

Before your Try Dive you will be asked to read and complete a Try Dive medical and Responsibility Declaration and a Photography Consent Form.

If you like the Try Dive  – and you decide that you want to learn to dive – then the next step is to join Burnley Sub Aqua Club and sign up for our Ocean Diver Course.  The Ocean Diver Course is the initial course on the BSAC Diver Training Programme.