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Dive Leader is the next diver grade on the Diver Training Programme after Sports Diver. 

The course includes 12 theory modules, seven open-water training dives, two dry practical lessons and 20 experience dives (which may include your training dives) in a range of underwater conditions.

It’s a continually assessed course, so after your classroom and in-water training, and a theory exam, you’ll just need to complete a selection of experience dives before you can complete your depth progression to 50m.

What does the course involve?

The course includes six theory modules, a practical session on how to support a Dive Manager, a sheltered-water rescue skills session, and six open-water dives with plenty of time to practise your skills.

Where is the course held?

The theory sessions are approx. an hour long each and are usually delivered on our club night (Tues night at Molly Rigby’s, Padiham).  If this is unsuitable for students, we can often make alternative arrangements.

Who can do this course?

You will need to be a Sports Diver (or an equivalent qualification from another diving agency) before you can start training towards the Dive Leader grade.  Divers with such an equivalent qualification can complete a BSAC cross-over course to achieve Dive Leader.

What will I need?

We will provide you with a Dive Leader Training Pack. This will contain a copy of the theory lectures. It will also contain a additional sheets to be inserted for your Qualification Record Book (QRB).

For open water training, you’ll need a full set of dry-suit scuba kit.  At this diver grade, we’re expecting that you are reasonably self sufficient kit wise or can sort out kit hire yourself – however, we are always here if to help if necessary.

How much does it cost?

Members of Burnley Sub Aqua Club who are Sports Divers and wish to progress to Dive Leader will simply need to purchase a Sports Diver Training Pack. First point of contact would be our Training Officer, but as long as you make your requirements known to a Committee member, then we’ll sort it out for you.

Why Progress to Dive Leader?

The Dive Leader grade allows divers to progress their maximum depth from 35m to 50m in increments of 5m as well introducing a number of key safety & rescue skills.


The next diver grade after Dive Leader is Advanced Diver.