Dive Trip: Gozo – MV Karwela – Oct 2018

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Dive Trip to the MV Karwela wreck, Gozo. 

The MV Karwela sits at 30-45m.  After setting up our dive gear and moving it down the rock face, the MV Karwela is about a 10 minute dive from shore.   It is useful to keep fairly shallow en route to maximise your bottom time.

We dived this wreck twice, on two separate days.  The first, we had a quick look around the deck & down the stairs … with a max. depth of about 38m.  First dive was on air, and the second on Nitrox so that we had a longer bottom time.  After diving the wreck, on both dives we had an extremely long mooch around the reef at depths of about 6-12m.  Lots of octopus and other sea-life on the reef area.

A *very* nice wreck, with some lovely stairs which make for a superb photo opportunity.  Simple, safe  wreck penetration with exits always in sight … perfect for side-mount and our re-breather divers.  We wanted to take photo’s so, we made sure that for our second dive day that we were first on the wreck.  In fact, we had the wreck to ourselves for the duration of the dive! Nice.

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