Pool Session – Try Dives & Diver Training – 05-07-2018

Ocean Diver Training in the pool
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This week’s diver training was held at QEGS swimming pool in Blackburn.

Helping a try-diver into his scuba gear in the pool.

There was a father & son doing a try-dive; however the one of them was a qualified BSAC diver but hadn’t done any scuba diving in the last few years.  However, by the end of the session it was clear that he hadn’t forgotten his diving skills!

At the same time, we had three Ocean Diver trainees. Ocean Diver is our initial diving qualification and is recognised worldwide. Once completed, divers are qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 20m.  Two of the Ocean Diver trainees were embarking on their first official pool lesson after both doing a try dive the previous week.

Ocean Diver Training in the pool

The third Ocean Diver was several weeks into her training and her skills were practised under the watchful eye of one of our Assistant Diving Instructors, Katie.  Striding entries, controlled descents and mask clearing skills in deeper water.

Many thanks to Naz (Open Water Instructor), Katie (Assistant Diving Instructor) and James (Dive Leader) for helping at the pool.


Want to learn to Scuba Dive?

If you fancy a taster of life under water, why not get in touch with us and arrange to come to one of our pool sessions for a try-dive? After that, if you’re interested in learning to dive then Burnley Sub Aqua Club can train you and help you gain our initial BSAC diving qualification, Ocean Diver.

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