Accelerated Decompression Procedures SDC Training (Twinset Config)

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Whilst members of Burnley Sub Aqua Club were training towards the BSAC Twinset course, we spotted a number of divers from Manchester University Sub Aqua Club (MUSAC) out training.

First Class Diver & Advanced Instructor Adam Rhodes was delivering elements of the Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) Skills Development Course two to of their more experienced divers. All the divers were in a manifolded twin-set configuration and carrying stages containing 80% Oxygen.

Of course, once our divers were sorted, we helped them out a little bit with fettling kit and helping them kit up. Hope everything went as planned and everyone enjoyed the course!

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Naz is Chairman & Secretary of Burnley Sub Aqua Club. He is a Dive Leader and an Open Water Instructor.

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